The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (also known as EIA: Enzyme Immunoassay) is a fundamental assay technique for detecting and measuring antibodies, hormones, peptides, and proteins in the blood.

Blood proteins called antibodies are created in response to a specific antigen. In the event of some infectious disorders, it aids in determining the existence of antibodies in the body.

ELISA differs from other antibody assays in that it provides quantitative findings and allows for the separation of non-specific and specific interactions by serial binding to solid surfaces, which is often a polystyrene multiwell plate.

CIIDRET has expertise in all kinds of ELISA procedures such as Sandwich, Indirect and Competitive. The expertise is driven by staff and necessary instruments required for ELISA such as Washers, Multi-channel pipettes and spectrophotometers for reading plates. This is further augmented by the available robotic liquid handling system called TECAN which enables ELISA automation and increases throughput.